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    Mighty Knights 2nd Grade! OVYFL Champs!!! GMYFC American Champs!!! SW Ohio Superbowl Champs!!

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    Mighty Knights 4th Grade!!! OVYFL Champs!!!

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    Northwest Mighty Knight Championship Players!!!!


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Welcome to the home of the Northwest Mighty Knights Football & Cheerleading Organization!!!

Congratulations to the Northwest Mighty Knights 2nd Grade & 4th Grade teams as they are the OVYFL Superbowl Champions for 2016.

2nd Grade OVYFL SuperBowl Champs & GMYFC American SuperBowl Champs
Southwest Ohio SuperBowl Championship Champs!!!

Congratulations to the 2nd grade Northwest Mighty Knights football team for they are the Southwest Ohio Super Bowl Champions by defeating the Hamilton Jr. Blue Stars to take home the Championship @ Miami University on November 12, 2016.

Congratulations to our Northwest Mighty Knights Cheerleaders who had a wonderful Cheer competition season.  The 6th grade Cheer Squad not only had the highest overall score in the last competition but also earned a birth to Nationals in Orlando Florida.  Congrats girls on your hardwork and dedication to the success of the squad.

Northwest Mighty Knight Celebration!!!!

Attention!!! Attention!!!

All Northwest Mighty Knights Coaches are USA Football certified heads up tackling instructors.  Please checkout this link for more information. 

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